8 effective ways to protect your garage from burglary

When it comes to avoid not having to call a 24hr emergency Manchester locksmith service late at night to fix your garage doors after burglary, then follow these steps to make sure your garage and its area is as protected as possible.

  • Do not leave your car keys in your car ever: this is a rule Nr. 1 when it comes to burglaries or robberies. Follow this rule even when you keep your car in the garage.
  • Ensure the door that leads from the garage to the main living area is as locked and secured as possible: this is one of the most vulnerable points to any house which has the garage built together with the rest of the house.
  • Do not leave any home keys hanging out in a visible place within the garage: this is another open invitation for burglars to try their luck. If you have any valuables within the garage keep these securely locked away and out of sight.
  • Secure garage windows: the one big deal about windows is, that by looking through them people can clearly see what you have and where you have it. Therefore the nr.1 rule to keep your garage safe is either to change regular glass to milky or frosty glass ( you can also apply a sticker which gives the same effect) additionally a curtain would also do a great job in hiding what you have. Applying a protective sticker that prevents the window from being easily broken is another good measure of protection.
  • Call a Manchester locksmith service to assess your locks on the door and on the window and make the necessary reinforcements. The garage window is one of the most vulnerable places in a house and it’s often used by burglars for breaking – in. This is especially simple if people happen to leave that window open that’s also occurring way to frequently.
  • Do not leave remote control anywhere outside at any visible place. This is also affects your car, if you are parking outside the garage and happen to have the remote control inside the car at a visible place. Some may break in to your car just to get the remove and open up the garage door to get in.
  • Apply extra protection on the garage door: many people tend to think that remote control is the best way to protect the door but additional measures need to be taken, to ensure the garage door cannot be forced to be opened in any ways, from the inside. There are some experienced locksmiths in Manchester who can help you reinforce your garage doors accordingly.
  • Have movement sensor lights in front of your garage area. This way, you can easily see if anyone is trying to do anything in your garage door area. Alternatively, make sure you find the way to have a clear view to your garage door whenever possible.

If you keep most of these safety tips your garage will become a much safer place.