The top 10 burglar deterrents

Finally, based on what burglars themselves say and also based on statistics, we can come up with the top 10 most effective burglar deterrents ever. Before it comes to you having to call a Bournemouth emergency locksmith service to get your locks changed after burglary. We hope you can learn a lot from this list and can make the necessary precautions, to avoid your home getting robbed.

Locked doors and windows

Believe it or not, most burglaries are opportunistic and only happen when the chance is clearly offered to the burglars, when they see a window left open or even a door being left open. Most burglaries don’t last more than a few minutes, so even if you drop out to a nearby store, don’t forget to properly lock everything that’s easily accessible.


According to the highest number of burglars dogs are the most effective deterrents out of nearly every other security measures.

Bright lights outside

Let there be light, as bright as possible, especialy during dark. The brigh lights would instantly drive burglars away. It’s too much calling for attention.

Light and Sound inside

The two key ways to find out if someone is at home is by movement, sound and light. Even if you don’t have a remote, leave one light on and if you have a radio or TV leave that on as well. Light and sound together will keep 99% of burglars away.

Visible entrance area which everyone can clearly see

If your entrance is clearly visible then noone would ever want to get there to be seen by the whole neighbourhood. Make sure nothing is covering your entrance and no trees or bushes can be used for hiding.

Busy street

If the street you live in is busy, then the chances of a burglary are all the lower. Noone wants to call extra attention to themselves, especially with a high number of potential witnesses.

Cameras and alarm stickers

Even if they are fake, they can effectively deter most burglars who don’t want to risk.

Boots by the entrance

If you leave a pair of large boots outside your entrance that’s a sure sign of someone big being inside who may come out at any time. This can really deter burglars from giving your home a try.

Thorny hedges and no place to hide

Reinforce your fencing with hedges all around it on the inside, which have nice long thorns, spikes or anything else that can be hurtful if touched. They are the most effective in keeping burglars from hiding or getting in.

Covered windows

Do not let people see through your curtains and see your belongings otherwise one day, someone may come and want to take them.

If you feel you need your locks updated or get an alarm system installed, provessional Bournemouth locksmith services are there in helping you choose the most suitable locks for your doors and windows.