Things to avoid doing when going on holidays to protect your home

Ready for the holidays? So are we, but before you are ready to head to the airport, read this through and make your home as burglar proof as possible in just a few simple steps.

Be aware of social media’s dangers

There are many apps and additional features, which are geared toward showing the world where we are at, at the moment. See the Facebook check-in which clearly says you are out of home and by letting your friends know you are leaving, there may be other people too, who will be happy to hear these news, especially those who you don’t know of. There has been a large amount of burglaries which are triggered by social media posts. By posting what we have, photos of our living area and let the world know when we are leaving, we make things all the easier for burglars too. Remind yourself to either limit your holiday posts during the time you are out and only share them when you are safely back or make sure your house is protected and if possible also lived in by a friend or relative, so that your travel posts are no open invitations for burglars to try their luck at you. Also, we highly advise you to keep your threads and profile as private as possible.

Leaving windows or doors open

Although our world is not as safe as it used to be, there are still areas, where people don’t lock their kitchen entrance doors or other back doors, because they don’t find it worth the effort. However bear in mind, even though you have a house insurance, it would not protect you once the burglary happen out of your own fault.

Leaving the house dark and feeling empty

There is a certain feel to an empty home, especially when there is no movement and no lights are turned on. This is why the remote control apps which we can now download and utilize can be pretty useful. Despite the horror stories, burglars like a clean and quick work, which does not happen if someone is staying in the house they plan to rob. This way, the lights being on, a TV turned on can easily make them look for a new target instead of your home.

Get your locks checked and updated if needed

Bournemouth locksmith services can easily make sure all you locks work fine, see if your locks really protect you and change the outdated ones well on time too. Make sure your locks are also in line with the insurance company standards in case you opt for a home insurance. Most Bournemouth locksmiths are up to date with the latest lock regulations and can change your locks to make sure you are as compliant with the regulations as possible. This is important for the reason that insurance companies would not pay you much in case your locks are not updated.