How can social media help burglars?

While social media sites such as Facebook offer you to make your profile private and visible only by friends, there are loopholes in the system. The key reason for that is in the extensive urge of interactions, and the use of all information that can come handy for those service providers who have placed an ad on one of the social media sites.

This means, total strangers even with bad will may see your profile, your photos and last but not least your belongings if you let them do so. Most people think strangers would simply not care about them or about spying on them, but on the contrary a growing number of robberies happen due to social media posts. As another interesting piece of information is, that lots of robbers and burglars are also caught due to the photos they share on their own social media sites, showing off what they have robbed or where they are at. Remember: if the worst has happened don’t forget to call an emergency locksmith Bournemouth who abides by the conditions of your insurance company as fast as possible.

They know where you are at

Facebook has this funny little app which helps you to „check-in” to places, cities, institutes. It’s a fine way to let your friends know where you are at. And it’s a good way to let complete strangers also be aware of where you are. This is a very important piece of information. Bear in mind, once someone knows where you reside ( and they can easily get this information) then all they need is to wait out the perfect chance, when they can work undisturbed for half an hour and can practically rob you blind.

Our tip

all your followers and friends really don’t need to know where you are at. If they want to you can let them know. The check in app is somewhat narcissistic in many ways anyhow in making people think their actions are as important to others as they are to them. In the end we would largely discourage you to share your whereabouts with the whole world.

They know when you are off on holidays

it’s actually not all that lovely to share people that you are going away on holidays and many of your working friends would not be all that happy to see your happy pics with palm trees when they need to work. But making others envious is another important aspect of social media and millions share their holiday photos every year. Out of these people however, a couple of gets burgled while they are away.

Our tip

experts normally suggest everyone to save the sharing of their holiday pics by the time they arrive back home. Of course, if you constantly have someone around while you are away, will save you from lots of stress, but others, who don’t have a chance to call a friend or family member buy are at great risk of being robbed.

Save the extra costs of calling a Bournemouth locksmith service to mend the injuries of a broken lock and pay heavy attention to social media and on what you share with others: as one too many people can see what you are up to and they are not necessarily all that good willed.